Commission Details & ToS



Telegram: @katlin_art

FurAffinity: katlin


Commission Slots

Price Estimates


Simple Shading
Standard artwork, carefully lined and colored with simple respect for shading and lighting.
Complex Shading
Detailed artwork and poses, with integrated lines and colors, and more complex respect for lighting and shadows.

Extra Bits

Multiple Characters
Up to +50% of the base price per additional character. I usually offer use of my own characters for no additional cost, if desired.
Non-character Details
Intricately detailed objects and clothing (especially as different versions) may cost a bit extra. Detailed backgrounds usually follow the extra character rule of +50% of the base price. Abstract colored or sketched backgrounds/objects can usually be included free of charge.
Private Commissions
I add an extra +$10 fee if you wish to not have the commissioned work be displayed in my gallaries. You may choose to not be mentioned in the work's description without the extra fee if desired. Having the piece held to be posted on a specific date (such as a birthday gift) can be done usually without the fee.
Expedited or Fixed Deadlines
If you would like a guaranteed completion date or require the commissioned work in a very short timeframe, I'm open to discussing the possibility, usually with an elevated price. My goal is to keep my turnaround times very reasonable, so this usually regards time constraints of less than one week.

Art Details

  • Intimacy/embarrassment themes
  • Comedic themes
  • Feminine caniform characters
  • Realistic amounts of gross stuff
Will Draw
  • Most of everything
  • Most watersports/Scat/Diapers
  • Soft Vore
Case by Case
  • Macro/Micro
  • Complex Mechanical Parts
  • Heavy Drug Use
  • Transformation
Won't Draw
  • Underaged Characters
  • Copyrighted Characters (e.g. MLP, Sonic)
  • Heavy Gore
  • Extreme Weight
  • Hyper Scat

Commission Timeline

I aim to finish commissions before two weeks after payment has been sent. Large commissions can take longer, but best-cases can be sooner.

I prefer a chat over discord (Izzy#4444) or telegram (@katlin_art) regarding commissions, but FA notes can work in a pinch to discuss both price and your idea.

Once settled, I'll provide one or more rough layout/pose sketches, and if satisfied with the idea, I will send an invoice to be payed.

I will provide work in progress updates after completing the working sketch, then lines, then color. These are the best times to request relevant changes (pose during sketch phase, character detail during lines and color phases, etc).

Afterwards the final artwork will be provided, subject to immediate minor edits within reason. Major changes at this point will most likely be denied or subject to extra charge.


I will provide both a high-res .png file of the artwork, and a web-optimized .jpg copy via private links, or by email if requested. I will keep the links active for at least a week before they may be removed. So make sure to save a copy!

After performing any minor edits to the final image, I will upload the smaller web-optimized to my gallery on and to unless commissioned privately. If uploaded, whether you wish for your name or furaffinity account to be attributed in the gallery description is up to you.


You must be over the age of 18 to commission me.

Upon transferring payment, you agree to these terms of service.

I reserve the right to alter these terms of service, which will affect all future clients who have not yet transferred payment.

I retain copyright over my artwork. This means I may use, print, publish, upload, and profit off of the artwork.

You retain copyright to your character.

You have the right to upload the artwork, as well as use and print the artwork for private/personal use, attributing credit where reasonable or appropriate.

You may not profit off of the artwork without purchasing partial or full rights. Additional cost for purchasing rights can be discussed, and additional terms of service may apply.

I may decline any commission request before payment is accepted.

Payment and Refunds

Payments are done over Paypal (

All prices are in USD.

I will not offer refunds under most circumstances. You may choose to back out before work has begun and payment made. In the rare case where I feel that I can not complete the work as agreed upon, I may offer a refund.